5 Hidden Destinations in Danang You Should Visit

5 Hidden Destinations in Danang You Should Visit

Da Nang is famous not only by its name associated with the beautiful coastal city, but also as a destination endowed with countless wonderful scenes by nature. ‘Where to go in Da Nang?’ is probably the question asked by many tourists, especially those who love exploring.

The places you already knew before were probably advertised a lot in the mass media. But there were hidden places that the local people have discovered in recent years, which are attracting the attention of the self-sufficient travelers. Here are 5 must-see places for travelers when visiting Da Nang.

Vân Village

Làng Vân Đà Nẵng

Vân Village is a small village located on the coast of Da Nang, right at the foot of Hai Van pass. This place owns a beautiful unspoiled landscape, perfect for weekend camping trips. Vân Village was formerly known as leprosy village, a small village located at the foot of Hai Van pass, is the residence of people with leprosy living separately from the outside world. Previously the village was isolated, so there was no way to go in. It was only possible to walk to the village by 3 roads: to the top of Hai Van pass and then follow the mountain slope down; take a boat from outside the bay and go through the tunnel; or by train then cross many kilometers of bush.

Coming to Vân village, you will enjoy a quiet and peaceful space with the sound of wind, the sound of leaves chirping, the sound of waves clapping… all blended together to create an ideal space for those who are looking for escaping from the bustling city. [View the map]

The Thousand-Year-Old Banyan

Cây đa ngàn năm Đà Nẵng

Part of the famous travel destinations in Son Tra peninsula, Da Nang, the thousand-year-old Banyan is an interesting stop for tourists who love to explore nature. The road to this place is quite arduous because the journey is quite dangerous; at some sections, we have to walk a motorbike to cross the forests. But in return, the results of the journey will make you forget all the fatigue.

Coming here, from an altitude of 700 meters above the sea, you will admire the majestic beautiful natural scenery such as My Khe beach, Cham isle, Ngu Hanh Son mountain… This is really a great place for those who love to experience.

And if luckily, you will got a chance watching the beautiful red-shanked douc (Pygathrix nemaeus) – the animal was critically endangered in the IUCN Red List – often come together to the top of the banyan in the afternoon and sitting quietly on a tree enjoying the sea. [View the map]

Tiên Sa Lighthouse – The hundred-year-old lighthouse in Danang

Hải Đăng Tiên Sa Đà Nẵng

Not only Ban Co top or Linh Ung pagoda can give you a view enjoying the sea, but also Tien Sa lighthouse (also known as Son Tra lighthouse) is such a place. Located at the top of Son Tra with an altitude of about 223 meters above the sea, coming here you will have the opportunity to go through the winding road on Son Tra peninsula, then zooming out to see the immense sea.

Being one of the most beautiful lighthouses in Vietnam, built in the 50s of the twentieth century, Tien Sa lighthouse with a height of 15.6 meters is responsible for helping the boats safely operating in Hue – Da Nang. Standing on the lighthouse, you will have a sweeping view from mountains and forests to the vast sea with extremely amazing scenery.

The lighthouse is a rarely-known place, mostly frequented by indigenous people, because the path is not easy to find. The young people in Da Nang have discovered this interesting check-in point and spread it to the world. With a little quiet in an open space, you will immerse yourself in nature if coming here. [View the map]

Da Nang Sky Well

Giếng trời Đà Nẵng

Located in the mountain separately from the bustling city center, The Sky Well is an attractive check-in place but not everyone knows. The road to there is very difficult to go and even has to cross the dangerous forest road; but when you arrive, it feels extremely excited. It feels like you’ve discovered a new land. Although the road is hard, those who have reached the Sky Well will find that the most interesting thing is not conquering the arduous mountain slope but the pristine, wild beauty of the forest located west of this city.

There is no bustle of any street, there is no noise of any restaurant or service here, only people and nature. The reason this area was called Sky Well is because it has a blue lake in the middle of the mountain that is always full with a large waterfall all year round pouring water down. Due to being located deep in the mountains, the road is not known to people, the Sy Well still remains untouched in nature. To reach the Sky Well, you can walk from the slope near the parking lot of Ba Na Hills resort. [View the map]

Nam Ô rocky beach in Danang

Rạn Nam Ô Đà Nẵng

Nam O rocky beach is a relatively new travel destination, it has become interesting to the people and tourists in just around 2-3 years. Nam O rocky beach always evokes curiosity and excitement for those who have come here. If you come on the occasion after the Lunar New Year, around February or March, it will be the “golden time” of the green moss season on Nam O rocky beach. At that time, the green color of the moss on the rocks and the clear blue of the sea and sky will uplift your emotions.

In addition to the beautiful natural scenery, Nam O rocky beach is also a paradise for unique seafood dishes, including the famous Nam O salad combined from many different types of fish to create a unique flavor. Besides, thanks to small migratory fish streams, Nam O is also famous for Nam O fish sauce. [View the map]

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