Top 10 Places to Go in Ha Giang – Vietnam (part 2)

Top 10 Places to Go in Ha Giang – Vietnam (part 2)

Possessing wonderful wild natural landscapes with majestic rocky mountains, Ha Giang Province has welcomed many adventure seekers every year. Here are some must-see places in Ha Giang!

Hoang Su Phi terraced fields

Hoang Su Phi terraced fields in Ha Giang

If you have the opportunity to visit Ha Giang during the period of late September/ early October, don’t forget the harvest season in Hoang Su Phi district. The terraced fields are known for the unique sublime beauty attracting many people, especially photographers wanting to create an artistic masterpiece.

Hoang Su Phi is considered to be the most beautiful terraced fields in Vietnam with the brilliant golden color of ripe rice covering all over the mountains and hills. Hoang Su Phi terraced fields were recognized as the national monument in 2012 by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Hoang Su Phi district has about 3,000 hectares of terraced fields spread over six communes: Ban Luoc, San Sa Ho, Ban Phung, Ho Thau, Nam Ty and Thong Nguyen. Hoang Su Phi is rustic, poetic in the harvest season and more romantic in the fall weather, this place is undoubtedly the perfect stopover for you.

Lo Lo ethnic village

Lo Lo ethnic village in Ha Giang

Lo Lo – Meo Vac, also known as Lo Lo Rouge, is one of Vietnam’s ethnic minorities living in Meo Vac village which is the remote and isolated region of the country and the least developed on the Dong Plateau Van. The Lo Lo depend mainly on maize and maize products, and on cattle ranching.

The cultural particularity of Lo Lo Rouge is the festival of praying for rain and traditional costumes. The festival of praying for rain is usually held in March (according to the lunar calendar) in arid years. The ceremony is worshiped by the village chief or the elderly. It is also an opportunity for people to meet and chat, drink and dance.

The costumes of the Lo Lo are quite remarkable in terms of color and decoration. Red is the main color with countless embroidery details and accessories. Beautiful outfits are only worn during festivals, Tet parties… and the Lo Lo women have spent a year to complete such an ensemble.

The Old Quarter of Dong Van

The Old Quarter of Dong Van

The Old Quarter Dong Van is located in the center of the small town of Dong Van and surrounded by rocky limestone mountains. Only 40 roofs are gathered hiding under the mountains, but the Old Quarter is still lively and fantastic. The painting of the old quarter is a mixture of the bright yellow of the sun and the gray of the rocks as well as the roofs.

Formed at the beginning of the 20th century, there were initially a few families from Mong, Tay and Hoa, but now there are many people who come from other regions. The houses often consist of two stories with roofs covered with yin-yang tiles and a lantern hanging in front of the door. The Old Quarter Market was built in a “U” shape and is surrounded by houses and streets. Locals consider it to be an important part of the Old Quarter.

Since 2016, Dong Van district has organized ‘‘Old Quarter night’’ on the 14th, 15th day of the lunar calendar per month. On these occasions, visitors will see in the Old Quarter simultaneously hanging red lanterns and a number of activities such as the display of brocades, the performance and sale of traditional dishes… The Old Quarter of Dong Van is like a miniature model of that Hanoi. You will have wonderful experiences like never before.

Yen Minh pine forest

Yen Minh pine forest

Located about 90 kms from Ha Giang Province, Yen Minh Pinewood is also a favorite destination for travelers. Some people say this place is one of the most beautiful pine forests in the country.

This magnificent pine forest is lush and green. Pines stretch for tens of kilometers across the valleys. You will feel comfortable during the trip. Green forests with roofs that hide behind mountains in the distance, have created a beautiful and peaceful landscape. In addition, you can admire the white clouds floating and dancing over the dense canopies of the pine trees.

As you cross the pine forest, you can also see a beautiful bamboo forest that surrounds the street. Do not miss the opportunity to complete a pine forest at the North Pole of the country. Yen Minh, where there are bamboos, pines, paths, blue sky and houses with red tiled roofs, will bring you into the fairytale world.

Sung La Valley

Sung La Valley

Located in the middle of a plateau full of gray kartic rocks, the Sung La valley embellishes it and gives the plateau a warm beauty.

Sung La Valley is located on the limestone plateau of Dong Van where rugged rocky mountains abound and houses with old roofs. Looking from top to bottom, you will see a picture of peaceful and beautiful nature. This is why locals call it an “oasis” while travelers consider it “rose garden”.

This land is full of life in the spring with flowers growing all over the region. Spring helps dispel the cold air from the limestone rocks. Simple, rustic houses will be an interesting stopover when visiting the verdant valley to watch children in colorful clothes playing in the fields in the afternoon. It is certain that you will have pleasant and unforgettable moments during your stay!


Vehicles in Ha Giang

Ha Giang province is located 300 km from the capital Hanoi. If you want to conquer the far north region of Vietnam, car or night bus is the best choice for you. The travel time from Hanoi to Ha Giang is approximately 8h – 10h. After arriving in Ha Giang, you continue to move to the mountainous districts of Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van, and Meo Vac. In the districts, you can rent motorcycles to get to the attractions.

Specialties of Ha Giang province

Simple but delicious, Ha Giang specialties will please any traveler. You absolutely must try the five-colored sticky rice – a typical dish of ethnic groups. Five-colored sticky rice is a famous Tay dish used in traditional festivals. Glutinous rice is made up of 5 colors: red, green, white, purple, yellow, symbolizing the five elements creating the world. With its exquisite presentation and delicious fragrant flavor, this dish has become an element forming the cultural diversity of Ha Giang.

In addition to the majestic natural beauty, visitors will always remember the unique five-colored sticky rice dish. In addition, you can try other famous dishes such as: horse meat (thắng cố), egg roll cakes, Au Tau boiled rice, beef and buffalo meat, and corn alcohol…

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