Referring to Vung Tau, everyone thinks of the oil and gas industry. But if you only go on the street or go to Front Beach or Back Beach on the mainland, visitors will not have a chance to admire the rigs.

Now, visitors do not need to take helicopters or ships to offshore rigs. Vung Tau Marina with modern high-speed canoe will bring visitors closer to the rigs to admire the massive blocks and giant iron bases.

Arrive the Marina to board the canoe and visit the seaport system, the shipyard, the Coast Guard base of Region 3 and especially see the panoramic view of the modern oil and gas industry, the largest in Vietnam along the Marina Bay route.

– High-speed canoe takes you to see the rig – A special opportunity to see first-hand the most modern drilling system in Vietnam and Asia-Pacific.
– The closest visualization of the most modern military ships of Vietnam Coast Guard on duty in the Southern waters.
– Left side: Dong Xuyen Port, Viet Xo Port, Singapore’s Tera Contest 9.10 foot, Russian PV Draling rig, Sao Mai Ben Dinh civil port, anchorage area for naval ship of Brigade 171, the estuary area to watch the fishing activities of fishermen living on the bay.
– Right side: PV OIL Eastern petroleum depot, raft village, Military Region 3 Coast Guard.



Road No. 1, Dong Xuyen Industrial Park, Rach Dua Ward, Vung Tau City

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