Established in 1951, Vietnam Cheo Theater is the place for staging and performing hundreds of Cheo plays, including those which are considered exemplary classics. The theater’s performances have won many national awards and brought many individual awards to the artists.

Not only that, the Vietnam Cheo Theater is also a pioneer in the performance and regular training movement for 16 provincial Cheo theaters. Many artists of Vietnam Chèo Theater are loved and expected by the public. Thereby, the Vietnam Cheo Theater is also the cradle of many famous artists of the art of Cheo with 16 People’s Artists and 58 Merited Artists from time to time.

The Vietnam Cheo Theater – where Cheo art is always lit, has become a familiar cultural destination for the people of the capital, who love Cheo and is the place where many important cultural art, political and social events take place.

Not only staging shows at small stage, Cheo Theater also researched and staged big programs, won many awards at festivals, professional theatrical performances nationwide, and left many good impressions in the hearts of the public across the country.



71 Kim Ma, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

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