When the society is more and more developed, people want to find old memories to remember and to love. In the heart of Dalat, you will have the opportunity to return to your childhood, eat a warm home meal in a nostalgic space of Tiem Com Meli.

Today, in the heart of Dalat, there are many western restaurants, ships growing like mushrooms after the rain, the simple corners like Tiem Com Meli are holding our feet and bringing us back to a childhood sky. This place has a simple house with an old radio, a newspaper that I read every day and a fortune of comics that we used to “”go crazy”” about.

At Meli, there are also delicious rice dishes such as mom’s home-cooked meals. How wonderful it is when enjoying dishes that are full of homeland love such as eggplant, shrimp paste, fish braised fish, garlic stir-fried morning glory, braised meat and eggs, etc.



292 Bui Thi Xuan, Ward 2, Da Lat

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