With the desire to beautify ourselves, beautify people, beautify life, Thanh Loan Beauty & Spa over the past 10 years has continuously determined to become one of the prestigious beauty consulting addresses for Vietnamese women in particular, and for those friends who love Vietnamese beauty in general.

Thanh Loan Beauty & Spa impresses customers by quiet space, beautifully designed with cool blue tones. Stepping into Thanh Loan Beauty & Spa, the first impression is that the environment is friendly, comfortable, professional, and careful to ensure sterility. We operate with our mission statement:

For customers: Always provide high quality, safe beauty advice, solutions and technologies to better care both the beauty and spirit of women, ensure maximum benefits for customers with attractive and long-term policies.

For partners: Always uphold the spirit of cooperation for mutual development, consider the partner as a friend, ensure a sustainable bond for development.

For employees: People are the key factor in building and developing business culture. Thanh Loan always focuses on a professional, dynamic, creative, dedicated, solidarity and humanistic working environment.

For society: Always harmonize business interests with social interests, actively contribute to social activities to share responsibility with the community.



23 Au Co, Tay Ho, Hanoi

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