Suoi Ong tourism park is less than 7 kms to the south of Buon Ma Thuot city. This place is an ideal destination for visitors when visiting Buon Ma Thuot – the land of coffee flowers.

When investing into this tourism park, we wanted to build a green – clean – beautiful tourism area so that domestic and foreign tourists can feel a fresh atmosphere, fruit trees, and green streams. The reason for the name SUOI ONG (BEE SREAM) is a special combination of a natural stream running from Eakao Lake through Suoi Ong tourism area to flow its source to the Serepok River and their extremely unique natural beekeeping system. Here you can witness, explore and learn the processing process and enjoy very special products from honey bees.

When coming to Suoi Ong tourism park, you will enjoy the specialties of the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands along with the cultural beauty of the people of the Central Highlands, with a diverse ecosystem combined with many areas. The man-made visitor will be impressed from the first visit. Not only a tourist destination for photography, here visitors can participate in gala sessions with an outdoor stage along with a very lively night water music system unique to Buon Ma Thuot.

With the motto of developing honey bee products, we always hope that when visitors come to Buon Ma Thuot city, they will think of Suoi Ong tourism park as the first place to enjoy the best products from honey.



568 Vo Van Kiet, Khanh Xuan, Buon Ma Thuot

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