Our coffee journey was initiated by the dream of the children growing up in Highland Buon Ma Thuot. Instead of asking “How to make coffee taste better?”, our approach is to answer “How to make coffee properly?”.

All of the steps should be done correctly, from planting, processing and harvesting, from roasting techniques to the art in order to make a perfect cup of coffee.

To the transactions with the farmers, a fair value for all of their efforts should be guaranteed.

The rightness should also be shown in the way of connecting with the customers.

We are not selling our products as the best ones, as the flavors are different among individuals. Nevertheless, SOUL put all soul and enthusiasm to make what we believe in happen despite of the fact that it is much easier to compromise. The taste of every cup of SOUL coffee will deliver that spirit.

Because the origin won’t be mistaken.

And the enthusiasm will recognize by each other.



87 Nguyen Khuyen, Buon Ma Thuot

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