Coming to our Royal Park restaurant, you will enjoy not only the interesting combinations of traditional Royal, the European and the Asian eateries but also the art created in the flavors of the oriental and modern designs following the ancient architecture which was only available in Imperial Palaces of Hue.

Located next to Thon Vy, the homeland of many famous poets and artists, and not too far away from the city center, the restaurant has an area of more than 1.200 square meters for up to 600 diners in capacity. The compound has 8 conferencing areas and private rooms with capacity from 20 to 160 seaters each.

Surrounded by trees and bonsai garden, the landscape always maintains a quiet, cool airy and relaxing environment, which will guarantee you a best place for parties, conferences, and/or family gatherings. Our well trained staff will make you feel at home. It is our pleasure to serve you!



03 Nguyen Sinh Sac, Vi Da, Hue City

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11:30 - 21:00


11:30 - 21:00


11:30 - 21:00


11:30 - 21:00


11:30 - 21:00


11:30 - 21:00


11:30 - 21:00

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