With the strong development of the men’s hair industry in the past few years, in Hue city, many salons and barber shops have been opened, accompanied by beauty services for men.

The addition of dozens of services to generate revenue for the shop accidentally transformed the hair industry into a different industry direction – when they no longer care about hair, instead promoting unnecessary additional services. Choosing for yourself a reputable quality barber shop is not easy.

Capturing the needs of customers, RÔN BARBER SHOP was born with the mission of taking care of your hair.

Many gentlemen have come to RÔN BARBER SHOP and were convinced from the very first time. RÔN BARBER SHOP has never been out of the list of the best quality men’s barbers in Hue city.

A true gentleman is not someone with a well-fitting suit or a shiny car, but someone who values himself and cares from his hair to his beard. With the knowledge of hair and the sincerity and enthusiasm of the staff of RÔN BARBER SHOP, we will surely become a true gentleman.



305 Huynh Thuc Khang, Phu Binh, Hue

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