Originated from the pure pizza crust and understanding the core value of modern culinary trends, Pizza Bep Nha always appreciates the beauty, health and experience for customers that is crystallized in each product. With all our heart and hospitality, we are confident that in the next 4 years, people will no longer just whisper “go for coffee” or “go for milk tea”, but also “go for Pizza”.

At Pizza Bep Nha, the quality of pizza not only comes from the commitment of the business owner, but also is confirmed through the certification of the authorities, typically the certification of Food Safety and Hygiene – the highest standard certification issued by the Food Safety and Hygiene Committee.

At Pizza Bep Nha, every ingredient we put into our product lines has clearest and most natural origin.

To bring customers the most natural and freshest taste, all products of Pizza Bep Nha are manufactured according to the “just in time” process, which are produced no more than 5 hours before use and for day use only.



125 Ngo Quyen, Buon Ma Thuot

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