Hue is famous as the land of cuisine with various simple and rustic dishes. Thus, it is not much difficult to find delicious and nutritious dishes in Hue city. Especially for junk food lovers, Hue is a “”dining paradise””.

Pizza 85 is located at House No. 9, in the alley of 85 Nguyen Hue Street, a familiar meeting place for diners who want to change their tastes with friends, colleagues or family. Coming to Pizza 85, you will be surprised with the small but cozy space and the restaurant is subtly decorated by small flower pots on the table.

Pizza here is affordable for students but the quality is “above excellent”. Pizzas are available with thin or thick crust depending on the taste of the person, thick and creamy cheese and served with chili sauce and tomato sauce. There are many different types of pizza for you to choose from.



House No. 9, alley 85 Nguyen Hue Street, Hue City

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15:00 - 21:30


15:00 - 21:30


15:00 - 21:30


15:00 - 21:30


15:00 - 21:30


15:00 - 21:30


15:00 - 21:30

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