If you want to find a UNIQUE-QUALITY place for your stay, come to PhuQuoc Ecolodge. Located in front of one of the most unspoiled beaches on the island, we are committed to providing you with a different experience where nature is least touched.

PhuQuoc Ecolodge will be a great choice for young people who love to explore, for romantic couples and families who are tired of bustle cities and want to find a quiet place to immerse themselves into nature, and simply to breathe.

Located in the North of the island, on the Cua Can River, PhuQuoc Ecolodge is also the gateway to visit Phu Quoc National Forest, where there are beautiful fishing villages nestled: Rach Vem, Rach Tram. Along the way is an interesting honey farm, or the famous green pepper gardens of Phu Quoc.

Let PhuQuoc Ecolodge do the work we do every day, arrange everything for your trip according to any need, suggest the most reasonable routes, and especially bring you the most unique experiences in Phu Quoc.



Group 7, Le Bat Hamlet, Cua Can Commune, Phu Quoc

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