Phu Quoc Theater offers a truly unique experience of Water Puppetry and Vietnamese fine dining, brought to you by the team at OC Group. We are a team that is truly passionate about showcasing the culture and heritage of Vietnam.

The traditional folklore of puppetry is connected closely to communal faiths and folklore festivals. The puppeteers were athletic artists who performed at leisure after harvest time. Guilds were established and have remained preserved until now.

In addition to instrumentalists, there are Cheo singers. Music, songs, words in combination with the movements of puppets lead the audiences to understand each act of the show. The main musical instruments used in the show are: drums, two-stringed fiddle, flute, 16-chord zither and monochord. Many kinds of firecrackers are also used, the explosion and miracle light of fireworks make the show more thrilling.

Our show is directed by renowned artist Chu Luong – Director of Thang Long Water Puppet theater, the longest-running in Vietnam, and is performed by 20 trained artists from Hanoi and Phu Quoc

During the performances the two elements of wood (puppets) and water (stage) perfectly compliment each other. We use traditional water puppets with specially made paint from the North, that is dull in colour and out of the water makes the puppets mediocre and dull. However once the puppets enter the water – they transform into glistening and sparkling figures that captivate audiences.



126 Tran Hung Dao Street, Duong To, Phu Quoc

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