Located on Sonasea pedestrian street, located in the heart of Pearl Island, Otto Restaurant is the only seafood restaurant in Phu Quoc serving 100% imported German beer.

Coming to Otto, diners will discover the pure flavors of the ocean with a variety of fresh seafood that promises to satisfy all gourmets. Besides, German beer is an indispensable specialty with hundreds of different types of beer. All types of beer at the restaurant are pure German beer, guaranteed for taste and produced in strict compliance with water imported directly from Germany.

Coming here, diners will not be difficult to recognize the rich flavor, characteristic of Phu Quoc coastal area in many dishes. In addition, the careful selection of fresh ingredients, together with a professional service team will bring you the best meal.

Along with interesting culinary experiences, Otto also offers diners a comfortable, close, and modern space next to the busy pedestrian street. Enjoy life through delicious food and strong Bavarian beer glasses. Otto promises to become an ideal “”gathering”” place for German beer devotees.



SS13-S01 Sonasea pedestrian street - Bai Truong, Duong Bao, Phu Quoc

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