Talking about Gia Lai tourism is to talk about the poetic beauty of Bien Ho, the romantic grandeur of Chu Dang Ya volcano when the wild flowers bloom. Remembering about Pleiku people still remember about Coffee and when you come to Pleiku you will be surprised because there are cafes in any street.

Ngon Avatar is very happy and honored to be one of the images representing the experience of Gia Lai Specialty Coffee, a land with many coffee heritage values, quality coffee material and many cultural identities in enjoying coffee.

Ngon Avatar has been trying every day with all enthusiasm, passion, knowledge, professionalism, perseverance in building the product value of Gia Lai Specialty Coffee which is completely different to create the highest quality products for consumers. Each of our products is a representative image of the rich highlands and contains a story from endless passion for the best coffee.



90 Phan Dinh Phung, Pleiku City

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06:00 - 22:00


06:00 - 22:00


06:00 - 22:00


06:00 - 22:00


06:00 - 22:00


06:00 - 22:00


06:00 - 22:00

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