Located in a central location on two main streets, Lang Ha and Thai Ha Streets, the National Cinema Center building is modernly designed with spacious parking area and convenient traffic. This is a familiar and favorite address for movie lovers of the capital and the whole country.

The National Cinema Center is designed to be multi-functional with a modern cinema system including 14 screens, presenting all genres of movies 2D, 3D and 4D, along with the complex of cinema exhibition and art performing area, event space and entertainment services to serve the audience of the Capital.

The Center’s cinema rooms have a total of 2,365 seats with more than 60 screenings per day. The largest room is 402 seats; the smallest room is 98 seats. With modern technology and ultra-wide screen, polite service style, always new and diverse programs, the National Cinema Center always gives you comfortable and rewarding entertainment hours.



87 Lang Ha, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi

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08:30 - 23:00


08:30 - 23:00


08:30 - 23:00


08:30 - 23:00


08:30 - 23:00


08:30 - 23:00


08:30 - 23:00

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