Motorbike rental service H&T specializes in motorbike rental in Buon Ma Thuot. Realizing the potential for developing the type of backpacking tourism in Buon Ma Thuot highlands, motorbike rental service in Buon Ma Thuot – H&T has officially put into operation to serve tourists.

With the advantage of having a variety of new, modern and safe vehicles to help tourists choose freely, we are confident that Motorbike rental service H&T has a much better price than other rental shops. Possessing staff who are enthusiastic, capable and experienced, we will give you the most thoughtful and dedicated advice and service. Not only that, the technical staff will regularly support and check the quality of the bikes carefully before renting it to tourists. So you can rest assured when you put your trust in us.



Alley 40 Hung Vuong, Buon Ma Thuot

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