The Midori House concept was created in late 2014 after an enlightening journey on Phu Quoc Island. During my brief experience on Phu Quoc I instantly knew that I belonged here to showcase my passion for something in hospitality. I returned to Phu Quoc a short time later to open the Midori House.

The Midori House concept is a balance between European influence and Vietnamese inspiration coupled by the experiences of people I had the pleasure to meet along the way.

Midori House provides guests with a chance to enjoy conversations around handmade pizzas made in our wood fired oven or a delectable choices of authentic Vietnamese dishes using only seasonal ingredients selected daily from our local market.

From the panoramic beaches to the fresh made cocktails to the authentic inspired menus, the Midori House offers our guests a unique Phu Quoc encounter that will leave you yearning for more.



Group 4, Ong Lang Hamlet, Cua Duong Ward, Phu Quoc Island

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11:00 - 22:00


11:00 - 22:00


11:00 - 22:00


11:00 - 22:00


11:00 - 22:00


11:00 - 22:00


11:00 - 22:00

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