From locals in Vung Tau to visitors from Saigon or other places, everyone has known it for a decade: Lan Rung Seafood Restaurant located on Ha Long by the sea route, the most beautiful route in Vung Tau. Lan Rung is famous for not only its top location in Bai Dua with outdoor space where you can at all times hear the waves, but also for the acknowledged seafood menu among the restaurants here.

After 10 years, Vung Tau – a tourist city – is getting more and more crowded.

Inherited all the essence from the experienced chefs, Lan Rung Seafood Restaurant officially changed the name into Marina Club and started the big leap to upgrade the service standard to the 4-star rank in 2019. At Marina Club, every dish is delicate, balanced and thoroughly considered. The menu is not only a tribute to classic Vietnamese seafood style, but also taken to new heights with sumptuous ingredients and finesse.

In the modern and fancy new space of Marina Club, we hope to serve you the best seafood feasts for your relaxed gatherings with family and friends; and on top of it, to become a new destination at the nonstop-developing Vung Tau.



3 Ha Long Street, Ward 2, Vung Tau City

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