The people of Vietnam place great importance in sharing a meal around the table. It’s a way of bringing together family & friends while enjoying all the fresh produce Vietnam has to offer. Since opening in April 2008, it is the principle on what Lanterns has been built upon. We want everyone, who steps into our restaurant to feel like they’re enjoying a meal among friends & families at home. We pride ourselves on our friendly service & providing our guests with a dining experience we trust you’ll remember long after you have left.

There is also a true sense of community felt among all of our staff, and it is extended to help others less fortunate than us. Lanterns is so proud of its association with some local schools/orphanages in Nha Trang and working alongside some ethnic minority villages. We provide food supplies and staples to the less fortunate and have a student scholarship program to those children (and families) who may otherwise struggle to attend school.

Come & experience Lanterns for yourself, we look forward to welcoming you with warm smile.



30A Nguyen Thien Thuat, Tan Lap, Nha Trang City

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