KAY SPA is a prestigious brand name, with more than 40 domestic and foreign branches. We are proud to bring the best beauty services to you with the dedication and efforts of a team of skilled doctors and technicians. Kay Spa Nha Trang located at 65 Yersin is a leading high-tech beauty salon in the coastal city of Nha Trang.

With the mission of bringing comprehensive beauty, KAY SPA is currently providing skin care and treatment, intensive slimming and beauty services. Millions of customers have trusted and chosen our services.

At KAY SPA, quality is always on top. With a team of experts who are reputable dermatologists with years of experience in the field of beauty, along modern equipment and a team of dedicated technicians, you will be satisfied and get the beauty that you have long wanted.

KAY SPA has built up firm belief as a prestigious brand bringing pure beauty to Asian women. We are committed to giving you the best services with the most reasonable prices.



65 Yersin, Nha Trang

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