If you look for Pizza in Sapa, you will easily find many choices. However, if you want to eat the best Pizza with the best taste, you must go to Italian Corner Restaurant.

Pizza at Italian Corner Restaurant is very diverse with all kinds of attractive flavors. When coming to the restaurant, you can freely choose many flavors of dishes such as Seafood Pizza, Cheese Pizza, Salmon Pizza, Beef Bolognese Pizza, etc. There is a special feature of Pizza at Italian Corner Restaurant is that the ketchup is prepared by the restaurant according to its own recipe. With this special recipe, the restaurant’s Pizza has satisfied many diners even the most demanding ones.

In addition to Pizza, Italian Corner is also famous for many other Italian dishes such as Pasta, Burger, Sandwich. Especially besides the European flavor dishes, the restaurant is also known to serve the best Sapa salmon hotpot in the culinary paradise.



25 Cau May Street, Sapa Town

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07:30 - 22:30


07:30 - 22:30


07:30 - 22:30


07:30 - 22:30


07:30 - 22:30


07:30 - 22:30


07:30 - 22:30

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