The Hoi An Roastery began as a way to share the wonderful coffee and culture found in Vietnam. By sourcing and hiring locally, we are able to give the visitors to Hoi An a chance to experience a truly local product. To complete this experience, our cafes are designed to be comfortable areas, in the style of the historic UNESCO protected old town.

We use (and offer for sale) three styles of coffee. The first is 100% Arabica, using all fully washed Arabica beans, the most popular coffee worldwide. The second is our 100% Robusta blend, a coffee intimately linked with Vietnam and the traditional Vietnamese coffee brewed with a phin cà phê (Vietnamese filter) and served with sweetened condensed milk. The third is our Espresso Blend, which is a mixture of Robusta and Arabica, a combination that excels in espresso with the Robusta making it strong enough for milk drinks while maintaining the delicacy of flavor from the Arabica.

Whether you just need a quick coffee break, want to spend the morning chatting with friends or need to get some work done on your laptop, our cafes offer the ideal environment.



135 Tran Phu, Minh An, Hoi An

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