Ho Chi Minh City’s Ballet and Symphony Orchestra (HBSO) was founded in 1993 with its primary objective being: Staging and giving concerts featuring masterpieces of the world academic music as well as Vietnamese classical and contemporary works, building a rich repertoire of orchestral, ensemble, solo, opera, and ballet numbers, etc. in order to meet the increasing public and tourist demands in the city and the Southern region.

The HBSO underwent a long phase of development motivated by not only our musicians’ commitment, but also their great love for ballet, opera and symphonic music. The development of the HBSO has also been supported at a high level by the city leadership who are deeply aware how necessary it is to build up the cultural assets of the academic art institutions in Ho Chi Minh City. The HBSO sets out the following development targets and objectives:

– To strengthen its current operations and build upon our reputation as the leading institution for performing arts in the field of ballet, opera, and symphonic music in Ho Chi Minh City; to place a special emphasis on Vietnamese and international ballet, opera and symphony works, aspiring to the highest level of professionalism;
– Undertake the responsibility of being the only institution of academic art in the Southern region, the HBSO is to contribute to the aesthetic education of people, addressing increasing demands for the arts in the Southern provinces and cities;
– To strengthen international cooperation and cultural exchanges with other countries in the region and internationally, presenting Vietnamese arts and talents to a global audience.



7 Cong Truong Lam Son, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

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