On the Han River cruise tour, visitors will discover 5 most famous bridges in Da Nang and the panorama of beautiful architectural works and landscapes on both sides of the Han River.

Da Nang marina is currently organizing 2 types of Han River cruise tours: Han River Cruise (no dinner) and Dinner tour on Han River cruise.

For the Han River cruise tour (no dinner), there are 4 trips per day and each trip is 45 minutes, at 18:00 – 18h45, 19:00 – 19h45, 20:00 – 20h45, 21:00 – 21h45.

For dinner tour on Han River cruise, there are 2 trips per day, up to 90 minutes each (18:00 – 19h45 and 20:00 – 21h45), that is enough time for you to both travel and enjoy the special dishes of Danang with your loved ones.

In addition to the tour program, you also have the opportunity to participate in entertainment programs on board. Depending on the type of service & timing as well as the weather, these entertainment programs will be subject to change.



32 Bach Dang Street, Hai Chau, Danang

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