Gordon’s New York Pizza offers delicious, handmade vegetarian pizza at an affordable price and fast pace. With over ten years of experience in the American restaurant and service industries, Gordon creates every pizza with the highest standards of quality, taste and food hygiene.

During his first year in Danang as an English Teacher, Gordon decided to combine his drive for quality service, passion for food and meeting new people with his lifelong dream of starting his own business. It was at this juncture that Gordon’s New York Pizza was born.

At Gordon’s, you can enjoy pizza by the slice or as a whole pizza. And whether it’s eating on location in the lively and famous dragon bridge night market or taking a pizza to enjoy at home, the exceptional meal and deep flavors will leave you wanting more. Please join us soon for genuine service and unforgettable pizza at Gordon’s New York Pizza, your future self will thank you.



40/20 Dang Vu Hy, Son Tra, Da Nang

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17:15 - 22:15


17:15 - 22:15


17:15 - 22:15


17:15 - 22:15


17:15 - 22:15

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