G-Life coffee is a small coffee shop chain with enthusiasm and passion in the F&B field. The restaurant specializes in serving drinks including coffee, tea, ice blended and various types of soda. At G-Life, we aim to provide the best services for customers, our cheerfulness and hospitality are always on top priority with the hope that we can save more good impressions for customers coming to us.

With the slogan “”Great Life””, we want everyone to enjoy a pure coffee that is both delicious and healthy. G-Life Coffee selects coffee beans from the company’s coffee plantations in the land of Da Lat. G-Life coffee is grown on a large area and is rated as having the highest quality, with the most distinctive flavor.

Proud to be a G-Life brand coffee shop chain, we have had 5 years of operation and built 4 stores in the beautiful coastal city of Quy Nhon.



111 Phan Dinh Phung, Quy Nhon

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06:00 - 22:15


06:00 - 22:15


06:00 - 22:15


06:00 - 22:15


06:00 - 22:15


06:00 - 22:15


06:00 - 22:15

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