People often wonder the name Deja Vu, why the owner gave this small and pretty homestay this name. Have you heard of the “ever seen” phenomenon? There is a time when you are a little surprised by a familiar scene, like you have met somewhere, turned out to be seen in a certain dream. We also had such dreams, and this beautiful little home was also one of our beautiful dreams. A small house hidden in a small long alley, enough to let people come here feel a “very deep Hue” and enjoy their own space on a long trip.

You must also have small and beautiful dreams where everything is gentle and gentle. Then Deja Vu is probably a place you’ve seen in those dreams. Some familiar details: wooden sofa, louvre doors, old bamboo panels, wooden signs … like in childhood houses. Because this place wants anyone to come here and feel like home.



No.3, Alley 191, Dien Bien Phu Street, Hue

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