A wonderful homestay in Buon Ma Thuot city for a group of friends. Why not?

Rooms: Com homestay is fully equipped with good facilities, beautiful views, and cool fresh air. If you have never had footsteps in the highland cities, this one is an extremely attractive destination for you.

Campus: about 2500m2 wide, planted grass and roses, has a 60m2 greenhouse, including bedroom, living room, kitchen, well-equipped toilet. In addition, there is a big oven, 2 small ovens and more, adequate for barbecue, birthday party, etc. There is a fishing pond next door, you probably order more food there.

Besides the basic resort service, Com Homestay also organizes events, outdoor birthdays, you will have many chances to snap photos for virtual life, very beautiful. Especially, Com only receives a group of guests per day, so you do not have to worry about strangers on your vacation.

The owner is very enthusiastic, cute, and psychological, and you definitely have a sense of comfort when staying here.



At the intersection of Da Tuong and Dang Tat (about 5kms from the center of Buon Ma Thuot City)

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