Chai Bo (Avocado) is a small beautiful white house lying halfway down the slope, nestled between trees and typical tile-roofed houses of Dalat, neither too close nor too far from the center (5 minutes to the market by car), all just enough for you to have a quiet place for relaxing, when you are not afraid of going far to buy a coffee or tea.

Every corner of Chai Bo is always cleaned every day and ready to welcome you. We hope you always feel warm every time you visit us when you need a place to pull you out of the bustle of cities, or just to hide the fiery heat of Saigon. That is because Chai Bo is made from the desire to bring a clean, cozy homestay experience, like a small house for friends everywhere to come and rest.

We have a total of 04 room types. You can find everything you need at home, because at Chai Bo we have all the amenities and a kitchen. You can cook, do laundry, drink tea, listen to music, read books, just do whatever you want.



Slope Number 3 Trieu Viet Vuong, Da Lat

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