Casa Italia Pizza restaurant is an ideal place for you to spend time with family, friends or simply come to relax, to have a new and exciting experience. Casa Italia Pizza always listens to understand and changes to bring absolute satisfaction to customers, with a team with years of experience, enthusiasm, and skilled chefs serving you with other delicious dishes with particularly delicious flavors.

Pizza of the restaurant is very delicious, from the cake dough mixed properly, with enough time and freshly brewed every day. The restaurant’s signature sauce is spread evenly on the cake surface, filled with cheese, and extremely rich and attractive ingredients. Pizza will taste better with the super-attractive spun cheese layer when enjoyed at the restaurant.

The restaurant has 2 floors with 100 seat and beautiful setting and in order to meet all the culinary needs of visitors to Sa pa, the restaurant is constantly changing the menu with reasonable prices. Delicious & unique pizza is only available at Casa Italia Pizza restaurant with a commitment to delicious food with the highest nutritional value and genuine imported ingredients.



007 Muong Hoa, Sa Pa Town, Sa Pa

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10:00 - 23:00


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10:00 - 23:00

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