Bittersweet Phu Quoc was never intended to be simply shrine to the cocktails. We satisfy the guests just like coming to a friend’s home. A small bar with sixteen seats, the atmosphere is laid back and the décor is simple, enabling guests to focus on their drinks

Bittersweet’s bartenders are tailor cocktails your way. The cocktails are invented for you, for that only moment. Sometimes, we bring our signature cocktails, sometimes we re-invented the classic.

No menu, no preconception, just let your mind roam our Flavor Bank. There are many reasons to do that: the craft of bartending has been evolved, the time demands it, bartenders have been reinventing the classic since the beginning. We love to play with our creativity and imagination, and sometimes we’re tired of jazz and just want to rock it out.

Bartenders are craftspeople, and we make cocktails to preserve the craft. They say that the God protect fools and drunks, and God knows we’ve got both of them at our Home Sweet Home.



Tran Hung Dao str., opposite Salinda Resort, Cua Lap, Phu Quoc

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18:00 - 01:00


18:00 - 01:00


18:00 - 01:00


18:00 - 01:00


18:00 - 01:00


18:00 - 01:00


18:00 - 01:00

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