Quang Nam area is famous for its noodles, but most people only know about noodles with pork and shrimp, chicken noodles or snakehead fish noodles. Only a few people aware that Quang Frog Noodle is also a special dish since a long time ago in this area. Bep Trang has developed the brand and promoted this little-known traditional dish to become a bright spot in the local culinary picture.

In addition to Quang Ech Noodle, Bep Trang has many attractive choices for diners with a full range of other Quang noodles as well as specialties of Da Nang.

In each establishment, Bep Trang is very careful and invested in space for a clean, spacious and airy dining place, a bit rustic but no less delicate.

Bep Trang has been recognized as a good brand with high quality and reliable service. The awards that Bep Trang is honored to receive are proof of the mindset for innovation and being one of the pioneering brands in Danang cuisine in particular and Vietnamese cuisine in general.



10 Ha Bong, Phuoc My, Danang

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