About 30km north of Hue ancient capital, in the middle of majestic Truong Son, there is a peaceful and quiet natural place. It has a legendary hot mineral source discovered in 1928. The balance and stability of the mineral composition, comparable to some famous European hot mineral sources, proved to be particularly suitable for beauty and wellness treatments.

Nearly a century later, Alba Wellness Valley was born, offering a journey of spiritual awakening, rejuvenation of body and soul through comprehensive health care activities, including hot spring baths, massages, yoga, meditation and macrobiotic diet; at the same time with many healthy fun activities such as craft training, farming lessons, cycling to explore the local culture, sightseeing climbing, Highwire, Zipline, etc. for active people and young families.

Located right on natural hot mineral resources, Alba Wellness Valley is designed to be a peaceful and relaxing resort surrounded by natural forests and lush green gardens. With a 2,000m2 Onsen & Spa center, 82 comfortable rooms in two separate areas – Alba Wellness Valley and Thanh Tan Hot Springs Hotel, a restaurant & bar system, a gym & yoga room, a meditation garden & swimming pool, Alba Wellness Valley is a wonderful destination amidst beautiful nature.

Alba Wellness Valley is managed by the prestigious Fusion Group. Founded in 2008, Fusion is a pioneer in hospitality and wellness and is today the only corporation that can fully operate processes in the industry in Southeast Asia.



Alba Valley, Phong Son Commune, Phong Dien District, Hue

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