A passionate love for this city becomes the driving force to nurture a spiritual child named “1986 Homestay Danang”.

1986 is located next to the quiet Han River, which is also the river that has passed through the years with the beautiful city of Da Nang. A bit of modernity, personality, nostalgia, clarity … all create a great accommodation for visitors from far away. 1986 homestay has a desire to seek greater and deeper values. Maybe it is the desire to open the door, share their space to welcome strangers every day, or promote the cultural image imbued with the identity of the homeland to more people.

1986 homestay brought us simple but invaluable joys. Like the times we stay away from the modern around, sit with the travel enthusiasts, chat together directly, not just through inanimate mobile devices. Like the times when we “feel the love” when a guest comes and promise come back because he loves this homestay. Also as generous as the heart of Da Nang people, we are willing to follow the footsteps of the guests to show them the way to visit this place. It is worthwhile to put our heart into it, to have the enthusiasm to have peace.

And hence, 1986 Hostel always welcome everyone to visit us someday.



201 Chuong Duong, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang

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