How to Get to Dalat?

How to Get to Dalat?

Dalat is a city in the highlands of central Vietnam. It’s well-known as a romantic city with the climate which never exceeds 25 degrees Celsius which is pleasant when temperatures start to rise in the rest of Vietnam. Below is a detailed list of available transportation options to help you make the best choice to get to Da Lat.

Get to Dalat by Plane

There is the possibility to travel to Dalat on the plane. Nearby the city, 30 kilometers away, is Lien Khuong International Airport. Daily at the airport committed several domestic flights from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang by Airlines Vietnam Airlines and Vietjet Air.

Get to Dalat by Plane

How to get from the airport to Dalat city

A taxi from the airport to the city center will cost you 250,000 vnd (12 $). You can take a taxi outside the airport, you can use an official taxi. Official taxi reception is located at the airport in the baggage claim area. There you pay for the trip and receive a receipt, the street get on the machine for a 30 minute ride.

The best way to get to the city is to take the airport bus that takes you downtown. Buses run very often, the passage worth 40,000 dong. Bus tickets are sold at the counter in the baggage claim area (ask for shuttle bus service) or purchased when entering the bus. On the counter at the airport, tickets are priced higher. Better to hurry and buy tickets faster, or there is a chance not to get on the bus. The ride takes 40-60 minutes. There is also anecdotal information on the minibus that leaves from the exit of the airport with payment at the entrance.

Get to Dalat by bus

Get to Dalat by bus

The best way to get to Dalat is by bus. This method is always good and the fact that from the window of the bus you can see over Vietnam is not only in tourist areas, but the real Vietnam. It’s very beautiful considered as the road from Ho Chi Minh City to Dalat.

The best way to take the bus is to take advantage of the Open Bus tourist bus (and daytime routes) or sleeping bus (nighttime routes). Tickets for these buses are sold everywhere in travel agencies in tourist areas and in hotels. Buses depart directly from tourist areas, and sometimes even thousands of passengers from hotels. Acquire the practice, in advance, as most buses in Dalat leave early in the morning (7-8 am). Due to the complexity of the route (part of the route takes place on a mountain road) night buses to Da Lat do not go up. Time from 7 to 9 hours depending on the route. Buses can make on the way, stopping in some picturesque places or near tourist attractions, it all depends on the company.

When purchasing a ticket specify the last stop in Dalat. Some companies include delivery tickets from tourists to the hotel door in the price, but not many people know this, but the vendors are in no rush to inform tourists. Also be prepared for such inconvenience, that instead of promising you the comfort of a big bus, you go the minibus, which by the way on that side there will pick up locals and transport goods. But this usually happens when leaving small resorts, when the large the bus due to economic losses resulting passengers are replacing the small.

Popular coach destinations and approximate cost:

Additional and up to date bus tourist information see and

There is more cheaper way to take a bus to Dalat from Ho Chi Minh City by coach to enjoy intercity buses. These buses do not stop at sites, but cost less, depart several times a day and no less comfortable.

From Saigon the bus shuttles from Mien Dong bus station (292, Dinh Bo Linh, Binh Thanh District). To get to the station, you can by Ho Chi Minh City bus – No.26 and No.14. The bus depart at least 8 times a day, the journey time is about 7 hours and will arrive to Dalat’s intercity bus station at To Hien Thanh Street. The cost of the ticket is 90,000-170,000 dong depending on the company and the route. The detailed schedule and the cost to see it here

Get to Dalat by Taxi from Ho Chi Minh City Airport

It is sometimes convenient and even cheaper by plane not to Dalat Airport, and arriving at Ho Chi Minh City International Airport and from there take a taxi to Da Lat. From Ho Chi Minh City, including the international airport, to Dalat is accessible in 160 dollars. You have to haggle and negotiate the price before the trip begins.

By train from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang, then by bus from Nha Trang to Dalat

By train from Hi Chi Minh City to Nha Trang, then by bus from Nha Trang to Dalat

TRAIN (or BUS) from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang

From Ho Chi Minh City station – Saigon station (01 Nguyen Thong), you can take the train to Nha Trang station (17 Thai Nguyen). It’s also a good option because trains in Vietnam are comfortable, you can buy snacks and food on board. The train ride to Nha Trang takes around 7-9 hours with the one-way ticket around 260,000 – 500,000 dong. You also can choose the luxury options as Saigon Golden Train and Livitrans Express trains which the one-way tickets cost around 1,100,000 – 1,400,000 Dong.

Bus from Nha Trang to Da Lat

Nha Trang is around 135 from Da Lat. There are several local and tourist buses from Nha Trang to Da Lat, the most reliable companies are: Phuong Trang, Hanh Café, TheSinhTourist… with the ticket price between 125,000 and 160,000 VND (5-9 dollars).

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