Hoi An: Where To Have A Good Coffee

Hoi An: Where To Have A Good Coffee

Where to have a good coffee in Hoi An? In this topic, let’s discuss about the best cafés in Hoi An – the famous tourist city of Vietnam.

In 2017, Vietnam produced 1,650,000 metric tonnes of coffee just behind Brazil in terms of volume. Suffice to say that coffee is everywhere in Vietnam for my greatest happiness. Most Western coffees are made from Arabica, which has a more delicate and refined flavor. But here, we find Robusta which is much stronger than Arabica and make your heart beating faster.

The special Vietnamese Coffees

Phin Coffee Hoi An - best coffee in Hoi An

In the center of Vietnam, usually the ground coffee is lightly packed in some sort of cup / drip filter. This filter cup, or “phin coffee”, is placed directly on top of the cup and boiling water poured over the coffee grounds. It will then slowly sink into the cup until the water has drained and you have your coffee fix. As the Vietnamese coffees is quite strong, some other ingredients has been added to make the taste of coffee more suitable for foreign tourists.

“Cà phê sữa đá” – iced milk coffee: coffee with condensed milk and ice. The most famous of Vietnamese cafes. A tall shot of black coffee on ice with a layer of sweetened condensed milk at the bottom of the glass. If the balance is right, however, it has a satisfying body and a nutty sort of flavor that balances out the brutal nature of extracting dark roasted robusta beans.

Cà phê dừa” – coconut coffee: can be enjoyed either hot or cold. The richness and fragrance of coconut milk compliments the aroma, intensity and chocolate notes of Vietnamese coffee so well. Vietnamese coffee itself is usually very strong, so as a result, there’s often an added element to tone it down.

Cà phê sữa chua” – yogurt coffee: The slight acidity of the yogurt brings out a whole different flavor in the coffee. Even if you think it’s not your thing, give it a try! At the very least, it will be an interesting experience.

“Cà phê trứng” – egg coffee: Coffee with sugar, sweetened condensed milk and egg yolks go together. It might sound weird and hard to imagine. But how strange, the taste is surprisingly good.


Cafe Pho Co Hoi An

Looking for a truly local cafe in Hoi An? I recommend Café Pho Co. Located near the Japanese Bridge, this street cafe is a good experience. You will hardly see any tourists and that is what makes it so charming. You can’t miss it because it’s always full.

Every morning at 6:30 a.m., Thao opens her business and works until around 9:00 AM. For this reason, do not come in the rain because everything is outside. Sitting on the sidewalk and sipping the bitter taste of coffee is a norm in Vietnam. Not all travelers agree that this is the best way to drink coffee, but it’s really the most Vietnamese.

  • Address: Bach Dang Street, Hoi An Town (near An Hoi Bridge)
  • Opening time: from 6:30 AM – 9:00 AM


Faifo Cafe Hoi An

This café is a little more expensive than the previous one, but it has one major advantage and not the least, it’s the rooftop. Drinking your coffee with a view over the rooftops of Hoi An is priceless. So if you are a photography lover, this is probably the best choice for you to have the best background in Hoi An.

  • Address: 130 Tran Phu – Hoi An
  • Opening time: from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM



Just east of Hoi An’s Old Town (Old French Quarter), the Vietnamese-owned Mia Coffee is an ever popular expat cafe. The space is not too big, so the atmosphere is very gentle and quiet. You have a beautiful balcony on the ground floor as well as upstairs with a piano for music lovers. You can also buy coffee that is on sale, a good gift idea. Next to the coffee side, there is also a catering side with some paninis, pizzas and burgers.

  • Address: 20 Phan Boi Chau – Hoi An
  • Opening time: from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM



Hoi An Roastery is the common name for seven cafes located at different locations in Hoi An city. These cafes are unique as they roast and grind their own coffee beans, so don’t worry about the quality and taste of the coffee. As such, you can see the staff grinding and making coffee on site. I guarantee you it’s hard to find another cafe in Hoi An with better coffee. There are also french pastries such as croissants, pain au chocolat, etc … My favorite of the Hoi An Roastery is the one on Le Loi with a view of the roofs of Hoi An.

  • Address: 47 Le Loi – Hoi An
  • Opening time: from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM



You prefer to be quiet, I recommend Espresso Station. Located in a small alley, this hidden place does not look like much and yet the coffee offered here is excellent. With its small airy courtyard covered with plants and bathed in sunlight, this is a place of note for coffee lovers. Mr. King, the owner, the true coffee-holic will introduce you to Vietnamese coffee specifically and differently.

  • Address: 28 Tran Hung Dao (Take the very small alley, it is at the end)
  • Opening time: from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM


You may find that this tea house is often silent. The reason is because the employees here are deaf, you just walked into a tea house run by a charity that aims to empower people with disabilities in Hoi An. This is one of the quietest areas in Hoi An, where you can experience the beauty of calm.

On each table is a small tray containing pieces of paper. You will order your drinks noting your preference on the paper. There are also a few small wooden tiles on the table with common phrases like “thank you”, “coffee”, “milk” and “ice cream”. Place these tiles on the table and the staff will help you.

  • Address: 131 Tran Phu Street, Hoi An Town
  • Opening time: from 10:00 AM to 7:30 PM

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