5 Ways to Fee Your Healthiest Again

5 Ways to Fee Your Healthiest Again

Leading a healthy life isn’t the easiest thing to do – with long working weeks, always-on connectivity, and unhealthy temptations hiding around every corner. Thankfully, there are little things you can do that not only keeps your body nourished and full of energy, but also helps your mind think clearly and stay focused. From trying new sleeping techniques to eating healthy snacks throughout the day, here are 5 tried and tested ways to get back to being a healthier and happier version of you.

Take a walk

There are so many reasons to take a walk, and it’s not just for reasons to do with exercise. Taking a stroll and, in particular, without your devices in the fresh air does wonders because you can get your daily dose of vitamin D, while also using this time to clear your head and hit the reset button. Just a short 10-15 minute walk around the city or your neighbourhood can give you a significant energy boost and it makes a perfect work break. Don’t forget the sunscreen – a healthy life needs a healthy skin as well!


Taking a minute to relax and focus on your breathing is a great way to lower your stress levels and increase your blood flow. The best part about meditation is that it can be done anytime, anywhere. You could be sitting in a chair at work, you could be on your way home on a bus, or you could simply be lying in bed. All you have to do is let go of everything around and focus on what’s happening inside.

Keep healthy snacks around you

 If you’re a busy woman, that means you’re probably always on the run. For the times that you’re feeling hungry and unable to go to the closest convenience store or supermarket, having some healthy snacks in your bag or at your desk so you’re not left hungry. Instead of resorting to unhealthy junk food from a vending machine, you’ll feel nourished and restored, keeping your energy levels up and satisfied until your next meal. Try having mixed nuts, single boxes of fresh milk or dried fruits near you.

Make sleep a top priority

A healthy life needs a healthy body! A great day always begins with getting a good night’s sleep – and that means getting between seven and eight hours a night. Of course, we can’t always get this much due to the odd time that we toss and turn around. A healthy night’s sleep includes avoiding caffeine in the evening, frequent exercise and regular sleeping routines. Still having trouble getting to sleep? Try drinking a glass of fresh milk before bed. Milk contains essential vitamins and nutrients that helps the body feel tired and keeps you feeling satisfied throughout the night.

Make time for friends and family

As your days get busier, it can be difficult to organise time to spend with friends and family. Working long hours, looking after the kids and keeping your own parents happy, even a coffee date with the girls seems close to impossible. Creating special moments with loved ones is important for your emotional health because without feeling those emotional connections, we can sometimes be left feeling lonely and unhappy. Try and dedicate one day a week to spend just an hour or two with someone you care about; whether it be meeting in the park for a quick walk, making dinner at home together, or simply a phone call, can have a tremendous impact on your emotional health.

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