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standard-title Documentation (for Business Owners)

Documentation (for Business Owners)

You will need to create an account to start adding your items.

Register Screenshot

  1. On the Register page, enter your email and username (remember that the username can not be changed after you created).
  2. Select a Plan from the dropdown (you can refer to the Plan details right below the register form for more information). You can start with the Free plan, then upgrade to Premium or Pro at any time if you want.
  3. If you select the Premium or Pro, you will need to select one of the Payment methods: Bank Transfer, PayPal or PayPal Recurring.
  4. Enter the Captcha then click Sign Up button.
  • If you select the Bank Transfer option, we will email you the payment instruction within some hours after you signed up. Meanwhile, you still receive a link via email to create your password. You can then login to your account as Subscriber and not able to add any item until we received your payment and update your account type.
  • If you select PayPal, you will be redirected to PayPal website to make the payment. This is completely safe as we don’t store any of your financial credentials. Once the payment process completed, you will be redirected back to our website. A link to create your password will be sent to you immediately.
  • Same payment process if you select PayPal Recurring with just one thing different: you don’t need to worry about the account expired as PayPal will auto charge your agreed subscription amount when the time comes.
  • With the two PayPal options above, you can start adding your items immediately after successfully created your password and logged in.

What if you don’t have a PayPal account? No worries! You can create one in a minute OR choose to pay with Debit or Credit Card. (See details under the Register form)

Before your subscription expired, if you are not using the PayPal Recurring method, you will receive some reminder emails automatically to remind you to renew your account. Here are what you need to do:

1. Within your account, navigate to Profile tab.
User Profile Screenshot

2. You will see 2 options at the end of your Profile page:

  • Renew: select a Payment method and click Renew Account button to continue subscribing to your current Plan.

Account Renew Screenshot

  • Upgrade: select a Plan and Payment method and click Upgrade Account button.

Account Upgrade Screenshot

3. Follow the payment process exactly the same as when you created the account.

Please keep in mind that:

  • You can Renew or Upgrade your account at any time before the expiration.
  • If you don’t take any action before the expired date, your account will be automatically converted to Subscriber account and you will be loosing all items.
  • If you don’t want to renew your paid Plan but want to keep 2 item forever, contact us with your username so we can help update your account type to Free. Please note that: some Premium and Pro features will be disable.

First of all, you may want to choose your preferred language of your Profile (it’s Vietnamese by default):

User Language Screenshot

Open the Items tab in your account: this is where you will be working on all of your items:

Items Tab Screenshot

If you want to edit an existing item, just click Edit or click on the title of the item to open it in editor. If you want to add a new item, please click Add New and follow the instructions below:

  • Language: Select which language your item will be in (You must do this at the beginning, otherwise your item would be displayed on a wrong site and your target customers may not find it)
  • Title: your item’s name (restaurant name, coffee shop name, hotel name…)
  • Description: describe your item in details (What makes your items standing out from the crowd? What benefits your customers will get if choosing to use your item?…)
  • Categories: select one category that best matches to your item (If you don’t see any category that your item may fit in, just leave it blank then we will create one for you later. If you try assign it to an existing category, we might change it if we think there is another one with better fit)
  • Locations: select a location that your item belongs to.
  • Excerpt: briefly describe your item in one sentence (This is what your visitors will see first and decide whether they should click on your item to read further)

Add New Item Screenshot

  • Item Image: one of the best photos of your item (Don’t up a large image, otherwise it will slowdown the page load and your visitors may not be patient to wait)
  • Item Featured (Pro): turn it on to green and your item will be featured on the Homepage and every Featured Areas on the website, also appearing on top of the Search Results when people searching for your field.
  • Address: input your full address and click Find, you will see your place displayed on the Map. Please check your location carefully by zooming the map in/out and moving the Pin (map marker) until you satisfied. The two numbers of Latitude and Longitude will change accordingly (If you got these numbers on hand, you can fill them from the beginning)

If you don’t fill any of the following information, the empty sections will be hide from your visitors.

  • Telephone: your telephone number that your customers can call you. Click Add New Item to add additional numbers.
  • Email: your contact email. You can decide to show/hide the email.
  • Contact Button: If you turn this option on, your visitors will see a Contact button. When they click on the button, it will open a Contact Form so they can write an email to you directly from there.
  • Website: your business website (leave it blank if you don’t have one)

  • Opening Hours: your operation hours for each days (for example: 7am – 6pm…)

  • Social: turn it on and click Add New Item to add your social networks so people can click to visit your social pages.
  • Gallery: add more images of your item then they will display as a gallery. Click Add New Item to add more photos.
  • Features: click Add New Item to add the strong features of your item (like what make your item special: free breakfast, swimming pool available, baby chairs equipped…)

  • Advanced Filters: select some more Features from the list. People will use these Features to filter the Search Results.
  • Claim Listing: display if you already claimed this item from someone else.
  • Item Reviews: choose the criteria for your customers to review your items.

After filling all information, please click the Submit For Review button. Our team will review your item and notify you via email once your item is published. You can come back to edit your item at any time.

Important note: If you want to add another language to your item, press the ‘+’ next to the flag icon of that language, then enter the information in the new language according to the instructions above. Please DO NOT use the Add New item button, as it will confuse your customers that these are 2 different items.