4 Ways to Feel Beautiful and Confident

4 Ways to Feel Beautiful and Confident

For the 99.9% of women on the planet, we all have to deal with being imperfect. If this wasn’t bad enough, we also have to deal with society and the media creating unrealistic expectations of beauty and body types. This is a vicious cycle which we need to rise above and focus on what true beauty means to each of us.

Despite what others might say, the journey to feel prettier and more attractive on the outside actually begins with how we feel about ourselves on the inside. To start feeling beautiful and confident in your own skin, there are some quick and easy things that you can do right now. A few simple changes to your daily routine might just help you change your mindset!

Put yourself first

As women, we spend so much time worrying about others that we sometimes forget to look after ourselves. With endless to-do lists like weekly shopping for the family, putting together presentations for meetings, and making the 6pm appointment, we do not set aside time for the things that make us feel good. By allocating just 20 minutes a day to yourself, you will begin to re-discover a sense of self worth and self-esteem, which will ultimately lead to re-building confidence over time.

Try some power poses

Feeling stressed or nervous? Confident women like Dong Nhi, Hoang Thuy Linh and Beyoncé have mastered this simple trick to feel powerful and in control! The idea of the ‘power pose’ is based on some basic psychology and involves standing in a way that makes you feel capable of achieving anything. Power poses are known to impact the way you think and therefore, the way you feel about yourself. Want to give it a go? Find a mirror and try standing up straight with your hands on your hips and your legs apart for 2 minutes. This is especially effective before walking into an important meeting, meeting new people or going on a first date.

Write some positive notes to yourself

We all have that little voice inside that tells us we aren’t good enough, pretty enough or smart enough. However, listening to this negative talk over and over again can actually create a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you actively try to replace this negative chat with positive, encouraging thoughts, you can change how you feel about yourself. Start thinking about what you really want to achieve in life. It might be getting fit and healthy, it might be meeting a partner, or it might be finding your dream job. Whatever your goals might be, pull out a pen and paper and write each down, always starting with ‘I can..’ or ‘I deserve to..’. By reading these on your way to work each day or just before you go to sleep, you’ll eventually start to believe them and make it happen!

Take care of your body

It’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of work, sleep, work, repeat. But after a while, your body may start sending warning signs and demand that you pay attention to its needs. When you overlook your health and wellness, you may start to feel tired, lethargic and bloated. This can lead to feeling hopeless and self-conscious, which takes a toll on your mindset. Make sure that you keep your body on the right track by exercising regularly and eating healthy with wholesome, organic foods like fruits, vegetables and milk to give your body the essential vitamins and nutrients to look and feel your very best.

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